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Wheatheart offers an extensive line of portable grain augers, including specialized self-propelled options and grain handling accessories. Wheatheart equipment is built with resilience and longevity in mind and can withstand the physical demands placed on today’s farming equipment.

X Series Swing Away Augers

The X Series features over 75 proven performance enhancements. With a precision engineered, commercial strength, scissor lift frame and redesigned hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability. The X100 is available in 63’ to 83’ lengths with capacity up to 6,600 bph. The X130 is available in 74’ to 114’ lengths with capacity up to 11,000 bph. The X160 is available in 85’ to 125’ lengths with capacity up to 23,000 bph.

X-Tend Retracting Swing Away

Wheatheart’s retracting swing auger offers the convenience of being able to extend, swing side-to-side and retract, without having to move or reposition the truck. The X-Tend was designed to work with the X130.

GULP2 Drive Over Hopper

The GULP2 transports with your X130 auger and is easy to deploy, without having to detach or reposition multiple pieces of equipment. The GULP2 has a drive over height of just 4.5" and a large catchment area. The GULP2 is designed to match the X auger capacity. The GULP2 features precise placement at your fingertips. The hydraulically controlled power swing raises, lowers and positions the GULP2 with minimal time and energy. The system comes fully integrated and ready to use.

R Series Truck Augers

Wheatheart's R Series truck augers are available in an 8" tube with capacity up to 3,500 bph or a 10" tube with capacity up to 5,500 bph and is available in lengths from 36' to 51'. The optional self-propelled, heavy-duty mover kit is available and features four-wheel steering and rugged all-terrain tires. A standard mover kit is also available.

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