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For over a century, Westeel has offered quality steel storage solutions to multiple industries. Westeel’s catalog of products includes on-farm and commercial grain storage solutions as well as containment systems to meet the needs of the petroleum, water and industrial sectors.
Galvanized Storage
Westeel offers a range of galvanized solutions to meet the diversity of needs and applications found in agriculture today. Each one incorporates the latest innovations and science in storage technology, providing you confidence that the material you are protecting is indeed protected. If you seed the best in galvanized storage for your operation, you’ve found it in Westeel.
Westeel’s Wide-Corr unstiffened grain bins are engineered for exceptional clean out, superior strength and unbeatable versatility.
Designed for large farms and smaller commercial operations, the Centurion W uses Westeel’s Variable Section Stiffener (VSS) to achieve the maximum load possible out of each pound of steel.
Smoothwall Storage
Westeel’s customer driven smoothwall solutions are designed with our customers in mind. Westeel’s Magnum Series of professionally engineered smoothwall hopper bottom bins provide years of trouble-free clean-out and superior protection from corrosion, representing one of the best values in smoothwall storage.
The Magnum-G’s heavy-duty construction, seamless interior, quality paint, side wall and roof ladder makes it perfect for storage of grain, seed and feed. Its capacity ranges from 1,140 to 6,070
The Magnum-F is loaded with all the standard equipment of the Magnum-G bin, but with additional features specifically designed for the safe, long-term storage of fertilizer. Its capacity ranges from 27 to 223 tons. 
Petroleum Storage
Today, environmental and safety concerns demand that special care be taken when selecting liquid storage solutions, especially when it comes to the storage of petroleum products. That’s why so many choose Westeel. As Canada’s leading manufacturer of liquid storage products, Westeel offers the widest selection of tanks and tank options to meet the needs of almost any application. Westeel offers a fully customizable product line.
Moreover, all of our products are professionally engineered to not only meet or exceed all government standards but are also competitive products in their respective categories – exactly what you expect from a brand that has stood for excellence in steel fabrication for more than a century, and all backed with some of the best warranties in the business.
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