Listing Ads

Listings appear in alphabetical order within our category system. Every effort is made to accommodate our advertisers, but the final category headings are determined by The Prairie Ag Directory. Proofs are not sent to customers for listings purchases, so please ensure that your placement agreement information is completely accurate.

Bold Listing (BL)

BL | $110

Informer (INF)

Includes a box, your company name, address & phone number plus 2 lines of copy at 40 characters per line.

INF | $290

INFL (With logo) | $330

Super Bold Listing (SB)

SB | $165


SB Color (SBC) | $200

Extra Lines (EL)

40 characters per line, which includes all letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation marks.

EL (1 extra line) | $20/each line


Directory Display Ads

Directory display ads are printed on newsprint, 100 lpi. in full colour.

All display ads are given the best space available within our system of categories. Preference is given to larger ads. If advertisers wish to include a coupon, space must be purchased on the reverse of the coupon to ensure that other advertisers ads are not inadvertently clipped. Ad prices include ad layout where necessary. Those ads requiring high-res scanning or extensive prep time will be subject to additional cost.

Quarter Column (QC)

2.125" x 2.3125" | $400

Double Quarter Column (DQC)

2.3125" x 4.4375" horizontal or 2.125" x 4.625" vertical | $520

Triple Quarter Column (TQC)

2.3125" x 6.75" horizontal or 2.125" x 6.9375" vertical | $975

Double Half Column (DHC)

4.4375" x 4.625" | $1,440

Full Column (FC)

2.125" x 9.325" vertical only | $1,300

Double Column (DC)

4.4375" x 9.325 vertical only | $2,460

Half Page (HP)

6.75" x 4.625" horizontal only | $2,350

Full Page (FP)

6.75" x 9.325" | $3,500


Covers & Special Placements

Directory Covers (COV)

8" x 10.625" Back, inside back and inside front available, 150 lpi - colour is no extra charge.

IFC/IBC | $10,000

OBC | $12,000

Manufacturer's Catalogue Cover (MCC)

8" x 10.625" One-half back, inside back and inside front available - colour is no extra charge.

Inside MCC | $6,000

Back MCC (1/2) | $4,500

Special Placements

Involving space near indexes, first and last pages etc. are available, at a 20% premium over regular ad rates. Sold on a first come - first served basis.


Manufacturer's Catalogue - Canadian Edition

Printed on newsprint in full colour at 100 line screen.

MCC 1/8 Page


MCC 1/4 Page


MCC 1/2 Page


MCC Full Page



Manufacturer's Catalogue

Available to manufacturers and distributors of products targeted at the agricultural community. Printed in full colour at 133 line screen on 45lb gloss.

MC 1/4 Page


MC 1/2 Page


MC 3/4Page


MC Full Page



Internet Ads

Expand your advertising to the World Wide Web. We will re-create your ad and optimize it for web viewing - and include a link to your web site if applicable.